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BiH Court - Appeal filed by Ivan Medić’s Defense partly granted

SARAJEVO, June 14 (FENA) - In the criminal case against the accused Ivan Medić and Tonćo Rajič, the Appellate Division Panel of Section I for War Crimes at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has delivered a judgment dismissing as ill-founded the appeal filed by the BiH Prosecutor's Office and the appeal filed by the legal representative of the injured parties – protected witnesses under pseudonyms „A“ and „B“ in relation to the conviction and the accused Ivan Medić, while the appeal filed by defense counsel for the accused Ivan Medić is partly granted, so the judgment of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, No. S1 1 K 021173 16 Kri of 17 November 2017, is modified with regard to the sentencing decision. By applying Article 49(1) as read with Article 48(2)3 of the CC SFRY, the Court of BiH now sentences the accused Ivan Medić to a compound sentence of 12 (twelve) years of imprisonment, with the time he spent in pre-trial custody from 22 February 2012 to 18 September 2012, as well as in serving his punishment under the mentioned final judgment, from 9 February 2017 onwards, being credited towards his existing sentence, in accordance with Article 50(1) of the CC SFRY.

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