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Izetbegović: We shall file criminal charges against Dodik and Cvijanović

Text: Senka Trgovčević, FENA Photo/Harun Muminović

SARAJEVO, February 21 (FENA) - President of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegović told reporters after a session of the party's presidency that the decision of political representatives from the entity of Republika Srpska that they would not participate in the work of the state institutions is an outright form of political blackmail aimed at imposing the will of one entity and your own politics onto the entire country.

Considering that the Prosecutor's Office of BiH is obliged to sanction all those who participate in attempts to bring down the constitutional order of BiH, he says that "the SDA caucus in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly will ask all other caucuses to file criminal charges against Milorad Dodik and Željka Cvijanović."

“We urge the members of the HJPC BiH to initiate the dismissal of Milan Tegeltija from his position as the president of that institution because he took part in a para-state political gathering organized by Milorad Dodik, aimed at bringing down the constitutional order of BiH.

The HJPC president has, on numerous occasions, proven that he has no professional credibility and it is unacceptable that such a person, under the direct control of Dodik and the SNSD, is even a part of the judicial system of this country, let alone for him to hold the position as the head of the HJPC,” stressed Izetbegović.

He said that no part of Bosnia and Herzegovina would ever secede from it, and any attempt by any means to do so would cause, he claims, the destruction of the peace achieved in Dayton.

“We will respond vigorously and decisively to any activity that threatens the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by all legal mechanisms and means.

We urge Dodik and those who support him to think this through. If the Dayton Agreement is threatened, the entities that have emerged from the Agreement would be the first whose existence would be questioned,” Izetbegović said.

He points out that the SDA will not accept the ultimatum to change the structure of the BiH Constitutional Court, which entails the termination of the mandate of the judges appointed by the President of the European Court of Human Rights.

Modifying the structure of the BiH Constitutional Court, Izetbegović says, could only be discussed "as part of the overall reform of the complete BiH judicial system", and foreign judges can only be replaced by domestic judges as part of a broader constitutional reform that would guarantee BiH's functioning without boycotts and blockades.

“If the destabilization of situation continues, we urge the High Representative to use the Bonn Powers and to dismiss all those who attempt to bring down the constitutional order and violate peace and stability,” Izetbegović emphasized, adding that he will not be meeting with the SNSD President Dodik until this blockade ends.

The SDA Presidency today called on the HDZ BiH to propose the process of establishing the executive power in the Federation of BiH by proposing the President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus to allow an open and honest dialogue on changes to the electoral legislation, respecting the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

Also, Izetbegović expects the HDZ BiH to properly assess the current political moment and not to side with those forces who are the generators of the crisis.

Instead of political crises, the SDA President concluded that everyone needs to commit to meeting the requirements of the European Commission's Opinion in order to accelerate BiH's path to the European Union and to implement the NATO Reform Program.