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Radončić: Customs must unblock equipment for accommodation of illegal migrants

Press release , FENA Photo/Archive

SARAJEVO, March 21 (FENA) - BiH Coordinating Body for Protection and Rescue and the BiH Ministry of Security are requesting the Indirect Taxation Authority to unblock IOM assets and equipment in order to urgently create a quarantine settlement for 1.000 illegal migrants.

They say that the remaining migrants would be removed from Sarajevo streets.

BiH Foreigners’ Affairs Service informed the BiH Ministry of Security that the duty customs officers in Sarajevo told them that they will clear through customs the goods on the first working day i.e. on Monday, it is said in a statement.

BiH Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić, as Chairman of the Coordinating Body, urges all state employees to "forget the weekends, days off and weekend working hours, because these are minutes important for public health."

Minister Radončić called and now he is waiting for the competent head of the customs office to inform him. The BiH Ministry of Security will use the public as its biggest ally to end the situation in which we are led that the first man of the Ministry and the Coordination Body of BiH must make a personal call in order for certain institutions to have a responsible attitude towards the pandemic, it is said in a statement.

Because of this situation, the Coordinating Body will request from the Director of ITA Miro Džakula to examine the situation, in order for customs to work on weekends, because, in his opinion, such situations that all customs officers must work more on weekends will be more and more, the Ministry of Security of BiH announced.