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Preparing tent settlement at Lipa site for relocation of migrants starts

Text: Muhamed Sadiković, FENA Photo

BIHAĆ, March 21 (FENA) – A set up of tent settlement has started today at the locality of Lipa between Bihać and Bosanski Petrovac, where migrants who are currently staying in abandoned facilities and on the streets of Bihać are expected to be relocated in the next few days.

Intensive work is also being done to set up the sanitation and lighting systems, while internet connection is already provided.

"We received support from the BiH Ministry of Security, the FBiH Government and immediately started the process of setting up tent settlement. We are now working specifically to set up a temporary camp for migrants without accommodation in the center of Bihać, followed by the construction of a real reception center. Finally, everyone has become involved in solving this problem, so we also have the support of the European Union, because without the EU this would not be possible. The primary goal of everything we do is to protect the epidemiological situation in the city, but also to find more humane accommodation for these people," said Bihać Mayor Šuhret Fazlić.

FBiH Civil Protection Administration has already provided 30 tents, 200 blankets and some medical supplies.

"The Mayor of Bihać has made a request to our director Fahrudin Solak and we are already on the ground at his command. Today we will already set up 10 tents, and we should finish our work within the next few days," said the leader of the Bihać B team of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration Alija Goretić.

The formation of a reception camp on Lipa included volunteers from the Cantonal and City Red Cross organizations.

It was pointed out that the camp at this location should in the near future be an adequate and long-term solution for all migrants and refugees in the Bihać area, which is why the adaptation of access roads and the construction of a sewage system have already started.