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Prevent Goražde starts producing protective masks and suits for BiH hospitals

Text: Elma Geca, Foto/FENA: Elma Geca

GORAŽDE, March 23 (FENA) - As of today, Prevent Goražde has begun manufacturing protective masks and protective suits for hospitals in BiH.

Prevent spokeswoman Aida Salkić emphasized that the company's operations were kept to a minimum and that workers were split into two shifts.

"Due to the lack of medical protective equipment, the Prevent Group has shifted its capacities to the production of protective equipment for the needs of health authorities and citizens throughout BiH at all locations where there are preconditions. Specifically, these are disposable protective masks, protective suits and additional protective equipment necessary for hospitals and health centers," explained Salkić.

She added that the Prevent Group was aware of the need for maximum engagement in this period.

"We are in contact with health institutions with which we work closely in order to develop potential new products and act as quickly as possible in the new situation," said Salkić.

She stated that, in accordance with the changing situation from hour to hour, the company is in constant contact with customers and that they adapt all other business processes to global economic trends.

Prevent claims that all preventive measures have been taken to protect workers.