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Operational teams of BiH and Croatia address the issue of faster goods movement

Text: Emir Felic

SARAJEVO, March 26 (FENA) - In order to reduce congestion at the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina and speed up cargo transport and movement of goods, representatives of relevant BiH institutions and ministries yesterday had a series of activities related to the situation at the border crossings with the Republic of Croatia and ongoing is the establishment of an operational team of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia at the border crossings of Gradiška, Šamac and Bijača to resolve the existing transportation blockades.

The aforementioned team should initiate activities aimed at finding ways of faster movement of goods, since in recent days there have been large congestions at border crossings that are open to international transport, and a particular problem is a kilometers-long line of trucks in Gradiška waiting to enter Croatia and are disrupting the lives of the local population.

The Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH pointed out that the European Union has also prepared a document, accessible to all carriers, on the establishment of green transit corridors, which are also indicated on the map.

The extent to which these corridors are being implemented in the Member States and where the "points of resistance" are is being monitored at the moment. 

Although BiH is not in the EU, its position within this document is discussed in article 15, which refers to the very important role of the Southeast European Transport Community.

The Western Balkan corridors in Southeast Europe are ready and upgraded to the EU's green corridors, and finalization of decisions in this regard with the EU is underway.