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Six more coronavirus cases in Sarajevo Canton

Press release , Photo/SC Government

SARAJEVO, March 29 (FENA) - In the past 24 hours, 39 people have been tested for coronavirus in the Sarajevo Canton and six have been confirmed positive, said Head of the Sarajevo Canton Crisis Staff, Aida Pilav.

She said at today's joint press conference of the Sarajevo Canton Government and the SC Crisis Staff that 1.551 citizens are currently in self-isolation.

“The necessary measures are continuously implemented. When it is determined that someone is positive for coronavirus, a measure of home isolation is pronounced for all members of the household and adequate health surveillance is carried out,” said Pilav.

She pointed out that the epidemiological situation in the Sarajevo Canton is changing day by day.

“Once again, I will point out that testing is done at the right time, with clinical symptoms and signs monitored. It is very important to have the test done at a specific point in time after the indication from the relevant doctor after clinical examination. I appeal to citizens not to think that refusals of testing are done, because it is not necessary to do testing of asymptomatic persons,” she emphasized.

She added that there are currently seven clusters in the Sarajevo Canton (SC).

“The number of infected people in the SC is increasing and this is what we expect in the coming period. That is why I ask our fellow citizens to cooperate with the health services because we are all part of the same scenario,” Pilav emphasized.

She also said that students who arrived from Italy and are quarantined at Bjelave Student Center are all feeling well.

“All 18 students were tested and samples were sent this morning, and the results will come during the day,” she said.

She also commented the case of a woman who passed away in Ilidža and noted that the Prosecutor's Office of the Sarajevo Canton had formed a case about it, PR Office of the SC Canton announced.