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One person deceased, currently 10 patients hospitalized at Clinical Center Tuzla

Text: Maja Nikolić

TUZLA, March 30 (FENA) - The first deceased person in the Tuzla Canton, who was found to be positive for Covid-19 virus, was treated at the Heart Clinic "Bayer Medical Institute". At the moment, at the University Clinical Center Tuzla there are ten hospitalized coronavirus-positive patients.

"Their health situation is stable. Six patients have milder symptoms, and four patients have moderate symptoms and are not at vital risk. They do not need ventilation. The presumption that only the elderly are affected by coronavirus is not true. Only one patient is more than 80 years old and all others are middle-aged or younger," said the acting director of the University Clinical Center Tuzla Vahid Jusufović.

He said that 120 employees of the University Clinical Center Tuzla are in isolation, and the reason is that they were in contact with infected persons with coronavirus at the Heart Center.

"We are still awaiting the results of persons who are employees of the Clinical Center Tuzla and who have been in contact with persons with confirmed coronavirus. Such a situation could complicate the work process, which means that we will have to exclude the entire departments from daily operation of the hospital," said Jusufović.