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Čerkez: Let's not stigmatize people who are in isolation

Text: Hazim Aljović, FENA Photo/Harun Muminović

SARAJEVO, April 1 (FENA) - According to the latest data, 1,652 persons have been tested in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of whom 216 were positive for coronavirus infection, said the FBiH Ministry of Health Crisis Staff member Goran Čerkez.

He pointed out at a press conference today that 119 women and 97 men were tested positive.

"Today, 317 people were tested, 34 of them are positive to Covid-19," said Čerkez.

He also spoke briefly about the stigma placed on those persons who are infected and who are in isolation.

"This disease is new, unknown and anyone can be infected. Let's not stigmatize people who are in isolation. Because of the fear of the unknown, society has begun to stigmatize such persons," Čerkez said.

He said the number of infected would increase, but that it is optimistic that 80 percent of those infected have had mild symptoms.