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Serbia abolishes police escort and convoys in international goods transport

Press release , FENA/Photo Archive

SARAJEVO, April 2 (FENA) - The Republic of Serbia as of this morning has completely abolished police escort and convoys in the international transport of goods, following an appeal made yesterday by the Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina Vojin Mitrović.

Mitrović pointed out that the abolition of police escort and the formation of convoys will help all drivers, healthcare workers, border crossing officers and all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia in supplying the necessary goods and making a significant contribution to the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

The gathering of vehicles in international transport during a state of emergency has led to large congestion at border crossings, which creates the possibility of spreading the infection among the drivers, police officers, customs officers and other workers at border crossings, it is said in the statement.