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Podžić: Two members of AF BiH infected with coronavirus

Press release

SARAJEVO, April 3 (FENA) - Defense Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sifet Podžić said today that two members of the BiH Armed Forces have been infected with COVID-19.

"According to the information available so far, the infected officers were not in their units but they were infected at home," said Minister Podžić.

Speaking about other AF BiH members, the Minister stated that they were carrying out their tasks as usual.

"There are 14 families of AF BiH members where we have confirmed the presence of coronavirus and hopefully we will be able to block the infection from spreading further," Podžić said.

He added that the AFBiH carried out an order of the BiH Presidency and erected tents, beds and other aids at ten border crossings and that there was a request in the coordination of the BiH Council of Ministers to reduce activities at certain border crossings, the ministry said.