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Doctors tested negative, 31 people infected with coronavirus in ZDC

Text: Novinar Novinar, FENA Photo/Vehid Begunić

ZENICA, April 3 (FENA) - The crisis staff for combating coronavirus of the Ministry of Health of the Zenica-Doboj Canton assessed that the hygienic-epidemiological situation is in accordance with the established plan.

"We currently have 31 persons positive for coronavirus, which is a slight increase, but it is also within the predictable parameters. There are nine people in the hospital, nine in the isolation ward, and the transfer of the other infected is planned during the day," said the ZDC Health Minister Adnan Jupić at a press conference today, noting that about 5,000 people are in self-isolation.

He pointed out that they were encountering a non-medical problem, which is that they encounter resistance from certain people who refuse to be placed in isolation units, but that problem would be solved soon. He explained that severe penalties have been in place for spreading the contagion, which includes a sentence of up to eight years in prison.

"At this point, it is essential to preserve the lives of our citizens, but also to protect the health sector so that it can do its job," said Jupić.

Jupić said the results of the tested health workers at the Zenica Cantonal Hospital and the Zenica Health Center have arrived.

"I'm glad none of these people were positive to Covid-19. We also have 48 people from the cantonal hospital in isolation, and on April 1, 22 people were tested. None of them were positive. Today, the other group will be tested," said Jupić.  

Chief of the Infectious Diseases Department of the cantonal hospital Zenica, Ednan Drljević noted that they have a problem because the testing for seasonal H1N1 flu in Sarajevo has stopped.

"We don't believe the flu season has stopped. So far, we have been signing off the flu epidemic around April 15," said Drljević, who noted that these problems were caused because of the overload of the laboratories due to coronavirus testing.