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Gazdić: Tunnel of Hope is the example of victory of life over death

Text: Alma Zukanović

SARAJEVO, April 5 (FENA) - One of Sarajevo's most recognizable symbols today is certainly the Sarajevo War Tunnel, which today, as the monument complex Tunnel "D-B", operates within the Public Institution of the Sarajevo Canton Memorial Fund, known to the general public as the Tunnel of Hope.

“The Tunnel of Hope is a direct result of the siege of Sarajevo. It was the only place that brought life,” said spokesman of the memorial, Irfan Gazdić, for FENA.

He pointed out that the most striking example of the victory of life over death is the Sarajevo War Tunnel.

As time goes on, he said, it is shown that the Sarajevo War Tunnel is one of the most important objects, and at the same time, the decisions of the country's leadership for its existence, taking into account the circumstances in which it was created.

“How many military, but also civilian supplies, entered the city through the Tunnel, how many journalists used the Tunnel as direct physical contact with Sarajevo, and based on that contact wrote about their experience, how many sick or injured people were transferred to locations where they could get proper help,” Gazdić pointed out, adding that the ultimate outcome of the siege of Sarajevo, as well as the aggression against the RBiH, would not have been the same if there had been no Tunnel of Hope.

He pointed out that the siege of Sarajevo was definitely one of the three most striking and recognizable determinants of the city of Sarajevo globally.

“Sarajevo surely can boast with gastronomic offer, and Basketball Club Bosna, as well as its football clubs, but events such as the 1914 Sarajevo Assassination, the 1984 Winter Olympics, and Siege of Sarajevo 1992-1995 in perception of an average citizen of the world represent the most famous events when we talk about the city of Sarajevo at the global level,” said Gazdić.