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American Chamber of Commerce helps procure 150,000 coronavirus tests

Press release

SARAJEVO, April 6 (FENA) - The American Chamber of Commerce in BiH (AmCham) has assisted in the procurement of 150,000 tests for coronavirus and donated two rapid RNA extraction instruments to the FBiH Government.

In view of the current scarcity of tests for coronavirus, the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH, together with its members, actively participated in the procurement, transportation and delivery of 150,000 tests to the Government of the Federation of BiH.

This activity also resulted in the donation of two rapid RNA extraction instruments. These are two devices called Nextractor® NX-48, a product of the Genolution company for the extraction and rapid isolation of DNA or RNA from different samples.

In the coming period, the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH will donate essential medical supplies to hospitals across BiH to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The Chamber's entire campaign to raise funds necessary for the procurement of medical supplies for hospitals in BiH will be implemented in coordination with UNDP, which has an adequate overview of the needs of hospitals throughout BiH.