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FBiH Govt. proposes Law to be adopted under urgent parliamentary procedure

Press release , FENA Photo/Archive

SARAJEVO, April 6 (FENA) - The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina proposed today, at the emergency telephone session, that the Law on Mitigating Negative Economic Consequences caused by coronavirus pandemic be adopted in the FBiH Parliament under urgent procedure, in accordance with Article 191 of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives and Article 186 of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Peoples, which stipulate that a law may be adopted under emergency procedure only if it regulates relations and issues for which urgent need is regulated and if its adoption in the ordinary course of proceedings could have adverse consequences for the Federation of FBiH.

This law was proposed to mitigate the negative economic consequences for the Federation of BiH economy, given the enormous negative economic consequences that will arise in the coming period as a result of the state of emergency, given that a large number of businesses have suspended their work, leading to a significant disruption of normal business flows.

The law prescribes subsidizing contributions for compulsory insurance, suspending the calculation and payment of default interest on public revenues, abolishing the obligation to pay of income tax advances, abolishing the obligation to pay advance payment of personal income tax, suspends all administrative and civil proceedings, as well as judicial proceedings during the state of emergency, suspension of the calculation of default interest on late payments in debt and credit relations, suspension of enforced collection, maintenance of stability of certain payments, delays in the application of regulations, and the establishment of a Guarantee Fund.

The provisions of this law apply to all business entities that meet the conditions prescribed by this law. If other laws are contrary with this law, this law shall apply, PR Office of the FBiH Government announced.