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Andelija: Electricity system is stable

Press release , FENA Photo/Harun Muminović

SARAJEVO, April 7 (FENA) – Managing Director of the public enterprise ‘Elektroprivreda BiH’ Admir Andelija said today that 13,000 employees in the electricity sector are working to ensure regular electricity supply because it is one of the segments of population protection, as electricity supply enables other vital institutions to function.

“Our task is to secure the supply of electricity, children and teachers are having online classes and this obligation is even more important for us,” Andelija emphasized.

He emphasized that the electric power system is stable and all production capacities are available, and production plan is realized in accordance with the planned balance.

In March, there was a 3.7 percent increase in domestic spending compared to the same month last year, and most of the increase was in the household category, which is understandable, Andelija says, because most citizens had to stay home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The operation of the power system was adjusted to all measures prescribed, the number of employees was reduced to the required number, and 14-day shifts in thermal power plants and hydro power plants were introduced, and the same was done for dispatch centers.