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US Embassy donates valuable equipment to health centers and BiH Armed Forces

Text: Novinar Novinar, FENA Photo/Ivan Rozić

ČAPLJINA, May 7 (FENA) - Representatives of the CIMIC team of the United States Embassy in BiH today in Čapljina donated protective equipment for the fight against Covid-19 pandemic to health centers in Mostar, Nevesinje, the Mostar Red Cross and the Armed Forces of BiH.

"This is a small aid deployment for the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its 4th Infantry Brigade, the health centers in Mostar and Nevesinje and the Red Cross of the City of Mostar.

The donated funds will greatly assist the Armed Forces of BiH in preventing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic," said Commander of the 4th Infantry Brigade of the AF BiH, Brigadier Zdravko Rezo.

Director of the Mostar Health Center, Mario Kordić, pointed out that the donated equipment will help health professionals in the next phase of the fight against the pandemic.

"The aid includes disinfection pumps, which is what we need most at this moment. The situation with Covid-19 has calmed down in Mostar, what follows now is the cleaning of the city and the disinfection of public areas, the opening of catering facilities, kindergartens and schools is still in the preparatory stage, therefore this assistance will be of great use to us at this moment," said Kordić.

Director of the Health Center Stari grad Mostar, Edin Kapetanović, added that the Covid-19 crisis is not over yet.

"We have successfully overcome the first phase of the pandemic in Mostar, which does not mean that we need to stop working, planning, preparing, and that us why we are here today. I hope that the US Embassy will continue to assist primary health care institutions in all parts of BiH through their military attachés," said Kapetanović.

The handover of the equipment at the "Božan Simović" barracks in Čapljina was also attended by members of NATO Headquarters Sarajevo.