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Another 31 cases of coronavirus out of 211 tested samples in RS

Text: Dušica Stanojević, Illustration

BANJA LUKA, June 29 (FENA) - Acting Director of the Institute of Public Health of Republika Srpska Branislav Zeljković said today that another 31 people are positive for coronavirus in that BiH entity, after 211 samples were tested, and urged that the measures are respected, especially in business entities.

At a press conference in Banja Luka, Zeljković said that it was noticed that in those local communities where the measures were not adhered to, the virus spread, citing the example of Herzegovina.

The institute proposed new measures to the Emergency Situations Headquarters, and that is to dissolve the quarantines, and to send people who tested positive for coronavirus to home isolation.

“In the next period, all newly registered persons will be in home isolation with an assessment of the clinical picture,” he said.

Dr. Jela Aćimović, an epidemiology specialist at the RS Institute of Public Health, said there are currently 2.232 positive cases of coronavirus in the BiH entity, and 36.000 had been tested.

“In the last few days, most positive cases are related to the region of Trebinje, and they are related to work in one company,” she said and stated that it is necessary to strictly respect the measures to control coronavirus.

In the RS, 133 people are currently hospitalized, mostly in Prijedor, and five patients are on a ventilator.

“Most of patients have milder symptoms, but that does not mean that an uncontrolled epidemic would not lead to more severe clinical picture and death,” said Aćimović.