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Pejanović: BiH's path to NATO and the EU has no alternative

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MEĐUGORJE, November 10 (FENA) - Building peace in BiH and within the process of integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions brings BiH to its self-sustainability as a political community, said emeritus professor Mirko Pejanović, a correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of BiH, said at the scientific conference in Međugorje.

He stressed that the condition for consolidating peace in BiH is closely linked to the acceleration of BiH's integration into the NATO alliance.

He underlined that, due to the strengthening of nationalism, especially in ethno-parliamentarianism, there could be a slowdown and a refusal for BiH to join NATO and thus endanger peace.

“Leading and influential NATO member states are invited not to postpone BiH's invitation to NATO's membership action plan since 2018. This will also prevent the operation of new geopolitical forces that have a negative effect on peace building in BiH,” emphasized Pejanović.

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