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Novalić: Government will do anything to address problems of 'Krivaja' workers

ZAVIDOVIĆI, February 2 (FENA) - FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić said today in Zavidovići, after talks with the “Krivaja” workers, that the FBiH Government would do everything it can by law to address the problems in that company.

“I have to admit that Krivaja is in the most difficult situation of all the companies in BiH. Although we have worked intensively on solving it, we have not succeeded because the problem is of legal nature,” Mr. Novalić said.

He reminded that the FBiH Government had filed a criminal report more than a year ago for the events that transpired in “Krivaja”.

He stresses that it is necessary to exert pressure on the judiciary to speed up the process and not to interfere in its outcome.

Mr. Novalić stressed that the Government was on the side of justice, but that it cannot determine the justice instead of the judiciary, and if the property were returned to the state then the Government could restructure the factory and hire part of the workers and take care of the rest of them.

“We now have the situation that the Government has given the money, that the workers do not work, and that the property no longer belongs to the state, and it is obvious that something is not regular, which is why we have initiated criminal proceedings,” Mr. Novalić said.

He pointed out that some of the workers' protests may have had a political backdrop because of the election year, but that is not the case with the “Krivaja” workers as they are fighting because of the hardships they have faced.