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BiH needs a systemic approach to fighting cybercrime (VIDEO)

Text: Alma Zukanović, FENA Photo/Almir Razić

SARAJEVO, March 20 (FENA) - Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to BiH, Hani bin Abdullah Mominah, opened today the second international conference "Cyber ​​Security 2018" in Sarajevo and said that data theft, which has become a global problem, must be prevented in every possible way.

Ambassador Mominah emphasized the need for organizing this kind of conference, because data misuse is a wide-scale problem.

He recalled that this is a second conference organized by the Embassy, ​​and stressed that they brought in a number of trainers from different parts of the Middle East and the EU this year to jointly adopt the conclusions for a more successful fight against cybercrime.

“King of Saudi Arabia, Selman formed a special state body that deals with the fight against cybercrime and protects the records of all citizens, and especially civil servants,” he explained.

Ambassador Mominah also emphasized that the whole world should work on fighting cybercrime in order to increase the level of data protection.

The goal of the conference, as he underlined, is to strengthen the fight against cybercrime in BiH and the world, as well as to enhance cooperation in this field.

Security Minister of BiH Dragan Mektić told FENA that BiH is not yet in full capacity when it comes to fighting cybercrime, and that resources are still developing.

“We have established a legal framework and are organized in such a way that we have 'quick responses' to these attacks,” he said.

Mektić emphasized that conferences as such this one contribute to strengthening the capacities of BiH, as well as the fight against misuse in various manners and in various spheres of society.

Head of the Rule of Law Department in the EU Delegation to BiH, Richard Wood pointed out in a statement to FENA the importance of this conference for BiH and the region, saying that cybercrime knows no borders.

"There are no bureaucratic obstacles for this kind of crime," said Wood.

He also added that cybercrime represents a major threat to BiH and the entire region, and that BiH should develop a systemic approach to fighting this form of crime.

“What is lacking in BiH is a strategy and framework that will be in force throughout the country and will enable harmonization of legislation in the fight against crime. It is a terrible situation when criminals know they can conduct criminal activities without interference, without being held accountable,” he said.

Wood believes that the adoption of the standards and policies set out in the EU's Network and Information Security Directive would enable BiH authorities to establish capacities and procedures to ensure that BiH can respond to various forms of threats at the state and cross-border level.

He believes that there is a real need for BiH to address these issues and to establish a professional approach.

The conference "Cybercrime 2018", organized by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia of BiH, today gathered a number of global experts to discuss money laundering and risks related to cryptocurrenties, trends in cyber security, regional cooperation and security of cyberspace in the future.


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