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Milićević: We are introducing a mechanism for monitoring the use of funds

Text: Hana Imamović, FENA Photo/Almir Razić

SARAJEVO, March 24 (FENA) - Deputy Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Minister of Finance and Commander-in-Chief of the FBiH Civil Protection Service Crisis Staff, Jelka Milićević confirmed today that the government has been contacted by numerous international organizations and embassies, offering assistance in acquiring the necessary equipment to combat the spread of the new (Covid-19) coronavirus.

She emphasized that the government is committed to carefully collecting funds and distributing equipment throughout the Federation of BiH, and the Public Health Institute of the Federation of BiH is an institution that has all the necessary logistics and expertise to address the needs of health institutions and inspection bodies with priority equipment procurement.

"After such a list is comprised, we will answer all the inquiries, and decisions will be made by the FBiH Civil Protection Service Crisis Staff and confirmed by the Government of the Federation of BiH. In this way we want to introduce a control mechanism for the use of these funds," explained Milićević.

She emphasized that the FBiH budget has funds that were collected under the Law on Protection and Rescue and that not a single KM was spent from these funds for unintended purposes, which is a guarantee that everything that is urgent will be procured.

The FBiH Crisis Staff is doing a continuous analysis of all activities and problems in the implementation of individual orders that have been issued so far.

Milićević also confirmed today that the government is considering opening special accounts for the purposeful fundraising for budgetary and extra-budgetary purposes (legal and private entities) that will serve as the basis for creating emergency funds.

"We have the money for emergency activities in the Federation of BiH," said Milićević.

Responding to a question about the possibility of imposing a 24-hour ban on outdoor movement, Milićević noted that the situation on the ground is being constantly monitored, but at the moment the orders issued are clear enough and sufficient to prevent rapid transmission of the disease.

"We have not yet considered a full ban on movement and 24-hour quarantine," she added.

She referred to the distribution of protective equipment, saying that an analysis has been made in this regard, and it was determined that there was a need for it to be properly distributed and that the crisis staffs in the cantons, municipalities, play a crucial role.

"There is enough equipment in the Federation of BiH and if it is missing somewhere it is necessary to report it to the operation center and it will be made available," she said.

Asked if the Crisis Staff was considering allowing one or two days a week for persons over 65 years of age to be allowed to move freely outside, so they could go to pharmacy, store, buy supplies, etc., Milićević said the government was aware of this problem and announced that they would find a sustainable solution within the existing orders and imposed measures.