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There is no lockdown of Banja Luka, false message

Press release , Photo Archive

BANJA LUKA, March 26 (FENA) - Banja Luka authorities have urged citizens today not to believe false, alarming messages about the alleged "complete lockdown of Banja Luka" due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The aforementioned message, which has been circulating on social networks since yesterday afternoon, is, as they added, nothing else but lie that has no basis in the plans and activities of the Emergency Crisis Staff.

“These difficult days, in which we all face great challenges together, are not the time to make unsolicited jokes and unreasonably spread panic,” warned the Banja Luka City Administration.

They warn that creating such false messages is the gravest violation of the current Decision to ban panic during the state of emergency, and urge the competent institutions to investigate who is behind these messages, and remind citizens once again that institutions at the entity level of RS and the City are the only official channel which provides accurate and credible information.

A new coronavirus in the RS has so far been confirmed in 121 people, 81 of them from Banja Luka.