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Milić: Brčko District will very soon obtain a Covid-19 testing apparatus

Text: Edin Jašarević, FENA/Photo Archive

BRČKO, March 26 (FENA) - The acquisition of a testing apparatus is important not only in terms of recommendations to do the testing locally in order to treat the persons infected but also due to the fact that this enables a triage as a necessary precondition for establishing a quarantine system," stressed the Mayor of Brčko District of BiH, Siniša Milić at a press conference of the Brčko District Crisis Staff. 

"Based on the information from the World Health Organization on a new approach to testing for coronavirus, we have started the procurement of a test apparatus, which could be easily found on the market, and I think that the device could be put in operation in the Brčko area very soon. Procedures have already been launched today for this procurement," said Milić.

He stressed that there were many doubts regarding the publication of the names of persons violating isolation measures and even disputes about the interpretation of the explanation of the Personal Data Protection Agency.

"It is permissible to publish personal data of persons who violate the measures prescribed by the Crisis Staff. In this particular case, the measures of isolation is prescribed by the sanitary inspection, and since the public interest is above personal interest, this does not fall under the protection of personal data," said Milić.

Head of the Department of Health and Other Services, Akif Pezerović, stated that, according to the data, to date, 982 persons were under medical monitoring, with 22 persons having the health monitoring period expired today and for the duration of the monitoring period, they were free of symptoms of respiratory infection. So the number of people under medical monitoring should be reduced to 960 persons as of today.