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Radončić: We adopted decision to seek international protection and rescue aid

Text: Aida Kovač, FENA/Photo Archive

SARAJEVO, March 26 (FENA) - Chairman of the BiH Coordinating Body for Protection and Rescue and BiH Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić told reporters after a session of this body that a they adopted the decision to seek international protection and rescue assistance, which will go as a proposal to the Council of Ministers of BiH.

Minister Radončić explained that this was part of the usual procedures to allow a legal way for all humanitarian goods and assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina to come as expected.

He said that two additional conclusions have been adopted, namely that municipal, cantonal, entity and Brčko District staffs are required to try to restrain when it comes to their demands for the use of BiH Armed Forces (AFBiH) resources.

“These requests should be addressed through the BiH Ministry of Security and we ask them to avoid using the capacities of the AFBiH at this time of crisis and to rely as much as possible on the use of civilian resources,” said Radončić.

The other thing, he says, is very practical, to allow members of the Armed Forces on duty to be able to move for 24 hours.

What is of great interest for citizens is the situation in which trucks with goods wait for three days in the Republic of Croatia, and “that on this side we have the problem of many trucks that are annoying to the local population, as well as for the drivers who were unable to work do their job. "

“Efforts have also led to the collapse of traffic and the passing of the truck is much faster. We also agreed with the Republic of Croatia to abolish all border crossings, as they are certainly not in operation, and there is no possibility of sanitary inspections there,” said the Minister of Security of BiH.

Asked by a journalist if he had any information on whether the health institutions received tests, he replied that he had personally mediated that the two entity governments, through UNDP and some other institutions, receive certain quantities.

“170,000 tests are coming to the Federation of BiH, if these announcements are correct. I know that RS has already ordered 20,000 tests from UNDP. These are already questions for people in the medical profession and competent ministries,” said Radončić.