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Novalić: Federation of BiH will lend 10.000 tests to Republika Srpska

Text: Hana Imamović, FENA Photo/Harun Muminović

SARAJEVO, April 10 (FENA) - Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalić said today he would respond positively to the Republika Srpska's request and lend them 10.000 coronavirus tests.

“In this time we must all show solidarity. Coronavirus knows no borders of states, let alone entity borders. We are all citizens of one country and we must jointly defend ourselves against the pandemic and help one another,” Novalić said in an interview with FENA.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency member Milorad Dodik reiterated that "the Federation of BiH has slept through the crisis caused by the pandemic", but Novalić points out that he is not sure that Dodik has all the information on the situation in the Federation, saying that the response to the pandemic is structured and measures have been adopted and they give results.

Responding to Dodik's statement that he is ready to seek assistance from the Russian Federation for the FBiH as well, Novalić said that any assistance is welcome to the Federation, but that it is the task of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We are capable enough to solve our problems. We have enough resources, and they will continue to come in the coming days and weeks to effectively combat coronavirus,” emphasized Novalić.

He also referred to the problem that arose with signing of the Letter of Intent for Bosnia and Herzegovina to receive 330 million euros from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the FBiH Prime Minister said it is not clear to him why the problem occurred.

“At the session of the Fiscal Council of BiH, this arrangement was unanimously adopted. The IMF forwarded this arrangement to us and I signed it as soon as I received it earlier this week. Now I see that two members of the Fiscal Council have not signed,” said Novalić.

The deadline for signing the Letter of Intent is today by the end of the day, and Novalić expressed his expectation that by that deadline, the remaining two members of the Fiscal Council would also sign the document so that BiH would send the Letter of Intent to the IMF in Washington.

“If that does not happen, BiH will lose 330 million euros, which it intends to put into funds to assist the economy,” concluded Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalić.