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Measures of Islamic Community remain in force throughout the month of Ramadan

Press release , FENA/Photo Archive

SARAJEVO, April 23 (FENA) - The Islamic Community Riyasat in Bosnia and Herzegovina reminds all members of the community that the earlier Riyasat measures issued on the orders and recommendations of the competent authorities will remain in force throughout the month of Ramadan.

The reminder has been issued so that there would be no ambiguity regarding the implementation of the instructions adopted by the Islamic Community in BiH on the organization of religious life in the month of Ramadan due to extraordinary circumstances caused by the spread of coronavirus.

"The Islamic Community will fully respect the instructions of the competent state authorities on this matter. This means that the curfew will be respected, that only the Imam and the muezzin will conduct daily worship and prayers," said the Office of Public Relations of the Riyasat.

The appeal was made to the believers to organize the iftars only within the family and to carry out daily prayers in their homes.

As pointed out, the Islamic Community hopes that the competent state authorities will, in accordance with the epidemiological situation, move towards liberalization of the measures and that they will also include religious communities, and that the Riyasat will issue new instructions as circumstances allow for it.