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Russian Embassy follows with reservations the response of BiH authorities

Press release

SARAJEVO, May 4 (FENA) - The Embassy of the Russian Federation in BiH announced today that it is following with reservations the response of the competent authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to a request for assistance with regard to the provision of unimpeded movement of the Russian medical humanitarian team across the border crossings of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the purpose of assisting the Mostar University Clinical Hospital.

"One cannot react differently to the fact that the issue of providing humanitarian aid to those who really need it and to those who seek that help has fallen victim to political contradictions. A situation is developing where politics works to the detriment of its citizens, their health and well-being.

The paradox lies in the fact that it is precisely those who are now loudly refusing the said aid, are the same ones who, just a month ago, expressed their outraged because, as they emphasized, the Russian aid was delivered to the Republika Srpska alone. As you can see, assistance can also be provided in the Federation of BiH, as it has been requested there. We remember a number of previous statements by local leaders that "any help is welcome". But, it turns out it is not," it is said in the statement from the Russian Embassy. 

The Embassy further states that insinuations that Russian medical professionals are coming "for completely different reasons" are dismissed as being unfounded and malicious, "as this harms the friendly relations between our countries, which have been supported even by those who now express these fabrications themselves."

"We do not impose anything on anyone. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign state that makes its own decisions. However, from a purely human standpoint, it would be good if the politicians change their mind and allow the experts to do what they have to do in the ongoing situation, ie., to save lives without any references to the entities, ethnic background and personal preferences," stated the Embassy of the Russian Federation.