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Macdonald: We have to strive towards rebuilding greener, cleaner, fairer future

FENA Press release

SARAJEVO, July 6 (FENA) - The United Nations Resident Coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina Ingrid Macdonald said today that in 2020 began with stepping up efforts by the United Nations and countries around the world to achieve all 17 sustainable development goals as part of the Decade of Action under Agenda 2030: A program for the sustainable development of the world.

“Today, we are not only facing a severe public health crisis, but also an unprecedented global socio-economic recession that threatens to undo all previous decades of human development around the world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina,” warned Macdonald.

She added that BiH, thanks to strict measures and citizen discipline, initially managed to maintain a relatively low level of infection and mortality rate compared to many other European countries.

“In partnership with the institutions and governments in BiH, the United Nations quickly provided assistance in the form of professional health guidelines, large deliveries of personal protective equipment, tests, machinery, hygiene and food packages; risk communication; online education support; and mobile services for reception centers for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. I thank the international community for supporting our efforts,” Macdonald said.

She explained that the United Nations has also completed the first phase of its proposal for a socio-economic response to Covid-19.

“Our efforts are, and will remain, focused on protecting and strengthening health systems; providing and strengthening health care services and basic services; protection of jobs and the economy; and promoting social cohesion and investing in community-led societies of resilience and responses,” added Macdonald.

She stated that the pandemic has shown that we are all able to make radical changes in our lives when necessary and that in that respect, recovery is a unique opportunity to redouble our efforts towards rebuilding better, greener, cleaner and fairer communities.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful country with huge but untapped natural and cultural resources that are ripe for decarbonized, clean and environmentally friendly development.

The Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework that has already received global support. It does not only provide an opportunity for a more prosperous, innovative, responsible and sustainable future, but it can also help realize BiH's ambitions to join the European Union. For the 75th anniversary of the UN, we are directly asking people to tell us how this can be achieved. That is why I call on everyone in BiH to offer their voice in this conversation about actions that will lead us forward,” said Macdonald.

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