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East West Bridge in BiH organizes workshop: The future belongs to young people

Text: Darinka Mitrović, FENA Photo/ Almir Razić

SARAJEVO, October 15 (FENA) - The organization "East West Bridge in BiH", in partnership with the US Embassy, organized another in a series of workshops entitled "Harnessing the Power of Collaboration”. The workshop was hosted by the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo yesterday.

It was pointed out that on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement the question arises whether the time has come for new and more functional structure of the state of BiH. Numerous questions are being asked and the organizers, together with the best students from BiH, are thinking about and trying to give answers by consensus.

It was an opportunity for selected prominent students to attend a lecture and actively participate in a workshop on negotiation and compromise, led and taught by experts in diplomacy, negotiation and peacebuilding, with reference to the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords. Jakob Finci, Igor Davidović and Lamija Tanović were lecturers and keynote speakers.

This discussion, as Finci said, is a contribution to what should show us as the next step, to hear the ideas of young people because they are the future in the next 25 years.

"We are all very busy discussing what has been missed in the last 25 years. We forget that there was a war 25 years ago, but also there has been peace for 25 years and that is the greatest progress and effect of Dayton. Instead of discussions about what has been done or failed to be done, maybe the time has come to look 25 years ahead because we cannot change the past," said Finci.

He emphasized that the voice of young people should be heard not only every two or four years in front of the ballot boxes, but also at such gatherings where they have the opportunity to express themselves, propose and instruct us all.

Davidović stated that there are values that Dayton brought and which are not disputable, but this period of 25 years should have been marked with strong economic development, social progress, and at least the status of a candidate country for the EU membership.

A quarter of a century has passed since the signing of the peace agreement, said Tanović, and we are still wondering whether the first article of the Dayton Constitution states that it is also a civil state and not just a state of national groups.

"We are still wondering how we elect members of the Presidency and there are still, in my opinion, a lot of misinterpretations and I think that young people are confused. Young people often take the line of least resistance and there is a large percentage of those who do not vote, but my opinion is that they have to get involved and this is one of the ways to encourage them to start thinking for themselves and what awaits them. They must create their own and the future of their children," said Tanović.

Project coordinator and workshop moderator Robert Jovanović said that these gatherings are being held in six BiH cities. After Bijeljina and Sarajevo, the workshop will be held in Banja Luka on October 20, in Mostar on October 27, in Brčko on October 29 and in Tuzla on November 4.

The best students from all six universities will have the opportunity to participate in an advanced two-day workshop in Jajce, from November 20 to 22, where they will ask questions and try to give answers, and finally adopt a consensus on the future of BiH.