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Izetbegović: The ventilators we received today will be of great help

Text: Aida Kovač

SARAJEVO, November 13 (FENA) - Sixteen new ventilators have been installed today at the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo.

The general manager of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, professor Dr. Sebija Izetbegović told FENA that the 16 ventilators will be of great help for their day-to-day functioning. 

"They will be a great support to our Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation and the Infectology ward in working with Covid-19 patients. Twenty days ago, we received three such ventilators from the Cantonal Ministry, which are a donation from the United Arab Emirates, so our colleagues are already familiar with their functioning," said Izetbegović.

She pointed out that the number of patients is constantly growing because the number of Covid positive citizens is growing. According to her, in a way, the discipline among the citizens has broken down.

"What is especially a problem for our patients is the unavailability of the primary level of healthcare, so that they mostly come in a very neglected state. That is why I have repeatedly appealed that the Cantonal Government that they should engage, mobilize all healthcare institutions in the Sarajevo Canton. It is generally known that the biggest burden has been on the Clinical Center for a very long time, and we have to perform services of the secondary and tertiary level of healthcare," stressed said Izetbegović.

Dr. Izetbegović further says that as of today, they already have more than 15 hemodialysis patients who are Covid-19 patients. She added that it is a very sensitive population and they are treated during the night so as not to infect other hemodialysis patients.

The professor further states that the situation is getting more complicated with each new day.

She points out that it is difficult to deal with the pandemic because they also have a large number of sick employees of the Clinical Center. 277 employees are on sick leave due to coronavirus, of whom 193 tested positive.

"We have a total of 491 people on sick leave, and when you add that up with 351 disabled people of the second category, then you realize that it is a huge number of people who are out of work in such a difficult situation," said director Izetbegović.

According to her, a huge burden is on the Clinical Center, and at the same time, they must protect all those patients to whom they must provide the service, "who must never be infected with the virus, because they have an extremely bad immune system."

She added that they would not be able to continue like this for much longer.

Izetbegović noted that even rich Western countries are already ordering full lockdown measures.

"We see the situation in Austria, Germany, Belgium, in the most developed parts of Italy, such as Lombardy, the health system collapsed again. So, we will fight as we promised our citizens and as we have been fighting since January 31, but I don't know how we will endure. Almost all of my direct co-workers are already ill. The three of us from that first crisis staff have remained. Everyone else is in treatment. We expect them to return during the next week, and for them to be well and recovered," concluded Izetbegović, once again repeating that the situation is very serious.