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Dodik: The story about the path to EU is a farce

Text: Vanja Tolj, FENA Photo/Hazim Aljović

SARAJEVO, April 13 (FENA) - Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and President of the SNSD Milorad Dodik held an extraordinary press conference today and spoke on the vaccination process in Republika Srpska, salary increases in the entity and European integration processes and relations within Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Although he rejected the possibility of war, Dodik announced that he would continue to work for peaceful break-up of BiH, emphasizing that BiH is not a sustainable country and that separation is the best solution for its peoples. He agreed with the recent statement of the US Embassy that BiH entities have no perspective as independent.
“A peaceful breakup is a realistic option and can be talked about. Who wants to go to war today, I will not allow that possibility to happen as long as I am at this position, although my colleagues from the Presidency of BiH, Komšić and Džaferović, mentioned that option,” said Dodik.

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