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Izetbegović: Advocating for changes in state borders is a threat to peace in the entire region and Europe 

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SARAJEVO, April 16 (FENA) - President of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegović sent letters to European Parliament President David Sassoli and European People's Party (EPP) President Donald Tusk regarding the existence of a "non-paper" document on changing borders in the Western Balkans.
In his letters, Izetbegović points out that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the entire region of the Western Balkans, are upset by a series of events that create the perception that some circles within the European Union are working to endanger and redraw state borders to the detriment of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that the term "peaceful separation" is just a mimicry of secessionism, which has long been advocated by the SNSD president with the support of certain circles outside BiH.
“You know that the citizens of BiH made huge sacrifices in the 90s of the last century defending the integrity and territorial integrity of their country and that there are no circumstances in which they would agree to give up even the smallest part of the territory, especially not a political decision on "peaceful separation",” it is stated in the letters.
Izetbegović reminds that European experiences with attempts to redraw borders led to world wars in the 20th century, just as earlier attempts of ethnic division of Bosnia and Herzegovina culminated in the genocide in Srebrenica, and that it is clear that any attempt to redraw borders would endanger peace.
“It is clear to anyone who knows history, who understands current state of affiars, that an attempt to endanger the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina would not cause destabilization and conflict only in our country, but a chain reaction of conflicts from one country to another in the region. A number of EU countries would not be spared in this new spiral of separatism that would be launched,” warns Izetbegović.

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