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Namoora: Israel bears responsibility for the escalation and war of extermination

Text: Aida Kovač, FENA/Photo Archive

SARAJEVO, May 14 (FENA) - Palestinian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Rezeq Namoora told FENA that since the 1948 Palestinian exodus known as the Nakba, the tragedy and suffering of the Palestinian people due to killings, expulsions, arrests and destruction has not stopped.

However, he added, the Palestinian leadership called for and sought the establishment of peace, which was crowned by the Oslo Agreement, which had not fulfilled the aspirations and rights of the Palestinian people, but nevertheless, the Palestinian leadership accepted it.

Ambassador Namoora states that the Israeli side continued to challenge the rights of the Palestinian people and did not abide by any of the points of the Agreement.

"Moreover, it continued its racist aggression and attempts at ethnic cleansing and destruction with even more violence," he said.

According to him, the last of these were attempts to expel and evict the inhabitants of an entire settlement in the honorable city of Jerusalem, from the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Ambassador Namoora says that daily incursions into the al-Aqsa Mosque and its complex by hundreds of Israeli soldiers, police and colonial settlers under the protection of the Israeli army and security forces took place simultaneously. He adds that throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, they tried to prevent believers from accessing or praying at the al-Aqsa Mosque, "and all means of force such as live ammunition, rubber bullets, tear gas and incendiary bombs were used, injuring hundreds of people."

"The one who started the aggression is the racist government of the occupiers, using all the means of savage oppression and weapons against peaceful people. Therefore, Israel now bears responsibility for this dangerous escalation and war of extermination against the Palestinians in all parts of Palestine, and especially in Gaza," stressed the Palestinian ambassador.

He said that so far, in these latest events, there have been dozens of dead and hundreds injured in Gaza, and a high percentage of them were children, adding to it the destruction of dozens of apartments, skyscrapers and apartment buildings, news agencies buildings, television stations, and humanitarian and human rights organizations.

"All attempts by the occupying government to distort the facts and present the victim as the culprit and the racists and criminals as an innocent victim will ultimately fail. All victims are victims of the stupidity and racism of Netanyahu and his aggressor extremist government, which categorically refuses to accept or adhere to any of the resolutions of the international community," concluded Ambassador Namoora.