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FBiH Govt. to take additional measures for economic growth and health support

Text: FENA

SARAJEVO, May 30 (FENA) - In order to reach the level of economic activity in the Federation of BiH with that in the period before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will take additional measures to accelerate economic growth.
The Government of the Federation of BiH told FENA that these measures, among other things, include legal solutions aimed at improving the cost and international competitiveness of economic entities in the Federation of BiH, and whose implementation should significantly help better position our economy for alternative supply chains.
Thus, the Government of the Federation will continue with measures to support economy in 2021, which includes direct support to vulnerable sectors of economy in order to maintain liquidity, raise competitiveness, maintain employment levels, but also create new jobs.
These measures refer to further strengthening the role of the Guarantee Fund, strengthening the health sector, but also additional financing of active employment measures.
They also note that the Government has already adopted four new credit guarantee programs. Two from the sectors of development, entrepreneurship and crafts, which are intended for micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as crafts and other independent economic activities.
The two programs relate to the energy sector, mining and industry, for exporters and large companies.
Out of the mentioned 15 million KM for co-financing of interest costs, at the last session, the FBiH Government adopted a program for this purpose in the amount of six million KM for loans in the field of energy, mining and industry.
In 2021, in addition to regular spending programs, the Government plans additional assistance to the economy in the amount of 150 million KM, and the first step will be the adoption of a decree in the amount of 100 million KM.

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