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Remains of two victims from the past war exhumed in Bijeljina

Press release

BIJELJINA / SARAJEVO, June 14 (FENA) - The remains of at least two victims from the past war were exhumed today at the site of the Muslim cemetery Pilakuša in the area of Bijeljina, the Institute for Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced.
According to the information of the Institute, it is presumed that the victims are of Bosniak nationality, died in 1992.
The remains of these victims were buried under the remains of people who were recently buried at this place.
Today, the exhumed remains will be transported to the Memorial Center in Tuzla for forensic processing and bone samples would be taken to identify the victims through DNA analysis.
The exhumation was handled by the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, by order of the Court of BiH.

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