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Citizens against the expansion of Uborak landfill

Text: Novinar Novinar, FENA Photo/Ivan Rozić

MOSTAR, June 14 (FENA) - After a public hearing on the Environmental Impact Assessment Study of the Uborak-Budjevci regional landfill expansion project, citizens of the civic initiative "Because it concerns us" said they are ready to contribute to resolving that problem and that three years is the maximum period in which the problem of Uborak must be solved.
Omer Hujdur, president of the civic initiative "Because it concerns us", told reporters that at today's hearing they once again expressed their dissatisfaction with any expansion of the landfill and any plans longer than three years, and announced erection of a tent settlement with the lawsuits.
“About 60 of us residents said that we do not want the expansion of the landfill to happen. I think these three years are generous of us as well. They say they need trust for a little longer, but we have no reason to give them that trust because they have played it countless times in these two years. A lot of things were promised to us, and nothing has been done,” said Hujdur.
In case their opinion is not respected, Hujdur announced lawsuits and that the activists will build a tent settlement on the plateau where the landfill is planned to be expanded.
Nijaz Hodžić from the civic initiative said that the citizens expressed their support to the Mayor of Mostar for solving the problem of Uborak, emphasizing that they are ready to wait for another three years, but provided that in those three years only municipal waste from Mostar is disposed at the landfill.   
We would like to remind that the City of Mostar submitted to the FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism an Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the project of expansion of Landfill Mostar d.o.o - Regional Landfill Uborak - Budjevci, City of Mostar.
In the process of public involvement, the Environmental Impact Assessment Study was presented on the Ministry's website for an opinion.
For years, locals and environmental activists have been searching for the rehabilitation of Uborak and finding a new location for the Mostar landfill.

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