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Čović: Without changes to the Election Law, there will be no elections

Text: Novinar Novinar, FENA Photo/Archive

MOSTAR, July 18 (FENA) - HDZ BiH President Dragan Čović believes that next year's elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be possible unless a political agreement is reached on changes to the election legislation.
“Elections are planned for next year, if the Election Law is adopted. Without the Election Law, elections cannot be organized and conducted, just as the elections in Mostar could not be organized until we agreed on the election rules in Mostar. By the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH, certain provisions of the Election Law have been repealed. So, in order for elections to be held next year, amendments to the Election Law must be adopted in the BiH Parliament in this non-election year,” Čović said in an interview with Večernji List.
The leader of HDZ BiH still believes that it is possible to reach a compromise, and when asked what his optimism is based on, Čović answered:
“Others have the right to a comfort of reluctance, an alibi for leading the political process, because the majority status in the Federation of BiH gives them that luxury. Croat representatives do not have that. Given the experience we have when it comes to previous elections, it is clear that the Election Law must be changed in order to have the next elections at all, because no one wants to enter into any election adventures with unclear solutions anymore. My optimism stems from talks with dozens of international institutions, but also talks with political actors within Bosnia and Herzegovina itself, according to the same methodology and negotiation technique by which we completed the election solutions for Mostar,” said Čović.
Commenting on the relations between Croats and Bosniaks, Čović said that both sides must leave the past behind and turn to the future.

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