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European Movement in BiH presents 'Key to the Heart of BiH' to Valentin Inzko

Press release , Photo/European Movement in BiH

SARAJEVO, August 1 (FENA) - The European Movement in BiH presented the High Representative Valentin Inzko with a special award "The Key to the Heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina".
In this way, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina symbolically paid tribute to High Representative Inzko, "who for almost twelve years successfully maintained peace, stability and within his powers, made a significant contribution to the social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, stated the European Movement in BiH.
“Time is the best indicator of everyone's work and we in the European Movement are convinced that even those who criticize Inzko today, especially domestic politicians, will eventually have to understand that it is not the role of high representatives to build the state and social order - it is their job. They are the ones who, sooner or later, together with citizens, NGOs and other social factors, will have to take responsibility for our and their state and to make it functional and broad enough for all our citizens,” point out the European Movement in BiH.
"The key to the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina" is awarded only on special occasions, to persons who have contributed to BiH society with their work and commitment, the European Movement in BiH announced.

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