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Obradović: Federation of BiH regulated the area of spatial data by law

Text: Senka Trgovčević, FENA Photo

SARAJEVO, August 8 (FENA) - The new Law on Spatial Data Infrastructure has entered into force in the Federation of BiH, where there are 54 institutions that provide spatial data and 109 sources of spatial data. 
All institutions will have to work on their data, to be primarily in digital form and to be in accordance with international standards.
“The mentioned law is an attempt to create an infrastructure - a network between all institutions, bodies and legal entities that produce information. The law deals with the rules from the collection, maintenance and sharing of spatial data," said Director of the FBiH Administration for Geodetic and Property - Legal Affairs and Chairman of the Council for Spatial Data Infrastructure Željko Obradović.
The law regulates the rules for the establishment, maintenance and development of the FBiH Spatial Data Infrastructure (IPP), its content, as well as the establishment and competence of the FBiH IPP body.
Each entity, institution and body is the owner of its data and a special sharing agreement regulates the rights and obligations.
Spatial data in a broader sense represents data that can be directly or indirectly linked to a location. According to research, the spatial component has more than 80 percent of the total information.
He states that the basis for drafting this Law was the Directive of the European Parliament from 2007, which regulates the establishment of IPP in the European Union, but the experiences of the Nordic countries, as well as Slovenia and Croatia, were used.
Until the enactment of the Law in FBiH, the area of spatial data infrastructure was regulated by the 2014 IPP Regulation.

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