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Bulić: Announcements of an increase in minimum wages are welcome

Text: Muhamed Hadžibegić

SARAJEVO, September 26 (FENA) - President of the Association "Consumer Club" in the Tuzla Canton Gordana Bulić told FENA that the announcements of an increase in the minimum wage are welcome, although she does not think that these announcements are on a realistic basis.
She added that the Association is following with concern the developments regarding the rise in prices and information from the market that they receive from consumers and the media.
"There is an evident increase in the price of food products, of which only edible oil has risen in price by 100 percent compared to the same period last year," Bulić pointed out.
She explained that the rise in animal feed prices has led to higher prices for products of animal origin, especially meat.
Bulić stated that it is similar with the prices of sugar, flour and bakery products, although those price increases were lower than announced.
She emphasizes that only strong competition and the role of consumers in the market can contribute to lower prices.

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