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Energoinvest does not have its own 'offshore' companies, nor 'offshore' accounts

Press release

SARAJEVO, October 5 (FENA) - Energoinvest does not have its own "offshore" companies nor "offshore" accounts anywhere in the world, it was reported from this company regarding information and connecting Energoinvest doing business with "offshore" companies.
Energoinvest, as they add, has accounts in the countries where it carries out businesses, but each of them is registered through the competent ministries and approval has been obtained for them, for collection and holding of funds.
Regarding payments to other companies, Energoinvest has in certain periods and on certain projects dozens of partners, suppliers, contractors, service providers in the implementation of complex operations, therefore it is clear that Energoinvest has no control or can influence the business strategy and decisions on bank accounts of other companies with which it cooperates, added Energoinvest.
Regarding specific information, and given that the alleged business arrangement took place more than eight years ago during the time of other Energoinvest management and the period when Energoinvest implemented projects in Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, we will provide more information and announce them after a detailed insight into the business and financial archive from the mentioned period,” states Energoinvest.

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