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‘E-stranac’ online tool facilitates registration of foreigners in BiH (VIDEO)

Text: Hana Imamović

SARAJEVO, June 12 (FENA) - A system for online registration of foreigners who stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 'e-stranac' has been officially launched today.

The system should improve the capacities of the Foreigners' Affairs Service in the area of ​​control of the registration of foreign citizens that use accommodation services.

The online tool was developed within the project "Support to Efficient Management of Migration and Borders in BiH", supported by the Government of Switzerland, and was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Security of BiH, the Foreigners’ Affairs Service and the Center for Anti-crime Policy Research.

Assistant Minister of Security of BiH Mladen Mrkaja explained that this tool is important in terms of raising the level of security in BiH and estimated that it would be of great assistance to the Foreigners’ Affairs Service.

Director of Cooperation Office at the Swiss Embassy Barbara Datwyler Scheuer noted that BiH faces migration challenges, and there has been an increase in the number of tourists in the last few years, making this project even more relevant.

She reminded that an agreement on the implementation of this project, worth 1.6 million KM, was signed a year ago and added that this system will replace the manual data entry.

“According to the data of the State Statistics Agency, last year, 1,307,319 people visited BiH, and a large number of them were unregistered. As of today, the system will be available to all foreigners, the hosts and the tourism industry,” she explained.

CPRC project leader Eldan Mujanović emphasized the main advantages of this online tool and that is simpler registration process, meaning that the registration of foreigners will now be standardized for all taxpayers.


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