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Business matching event between Indonesia and BiH takes place in Sarajevo

FENA Hana Imamović

SARAJEVO, April 25 (FENA) - The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized today the third gathering of business people and companies from this country as an opportunity for a better economic connecting between Indonesia and BiH.

Indonesia is a distant country, but this should not be an obstacle to the increase in trade, since BiH and Indonesia have been two friendly since the establishment of bilateral relations.

Although BiH imports coconut, cinnamon and palm oil from Indonesia and exports products to military industries such as weapons and ammunition, the two countries still cannot say that they have a major trade exchange, but encounters like this one are opportunity for further connecting.

The meeting was organized as part of the Sarajevo Business Forum, but since this big investment conference was organized during the elections in Indonesia - a country that has more than 8,000 islands and 190 million inhabitants with the right to vote, the arrival of Indonesian business people had to be postponed.  

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to BiH, Amelia Achmad Yani, after organizing two previous business matching events, said that cooperation between the two countries is getting better and records steady growth.

She expressed hope that after such an event the number of products imported from Indonesia and exported to that country would increase and that there will be a market for Indonesian coffee, as well as briquettes made from coconut and palm trees, which is why, when burned, they emit a pleasant aroma.

“What we achieved through earlier events of this type is the increased number of tourists coming to BiH. Before that, there was fear among the people in Indonesia because of the war in BiH, but now they have a completely different image of BiH. Therefore, tourism, education and trade are the most important areas which we have to work on,” underlined Achmad Yani.

Hamdo Tinjak, Secretary of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, emphasized that the arrival of this Indonesian ambassador to BiH was a milestone in improvement of economic relations and it was a moment when the market was explored and new ways have been discovered to increase trade exchange between the two countries.

Vice President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, Vjekoslav Vuković, pointed out that there is interest of Indonesian companies to invest in BiH, which was confirmed at a recent meeting with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Indonesia who visited BiH.

“The potential of the labor force in BiH is sufficient to respond to their demands, but they have also set some other conditions, one of which refers to the need to talk with representatives of the so-called business-friendly cities that could provide capacities such as land lots for new investments,” Vuković explained.

He confirmed that at that time, concrete projects were discussed, and that the Foreign Trade Chamber expects proposals from BiH businesses to the Indonesian side, while the Chamber will do its best to remove the barriers in order to achieving the set goals.

Part of today’s business matching event was also a meeting for government officials and business people from both countries, a one-to-one business meeting that took place as well.

The Indonesian delegation was consisted of entrepreneurs engaged in fisheries, food production, spices, banking, hospitality and tourism.



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