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Lévy: The spirit of Sarajevo represents an example of what Europe should be

Text: Novinar Novinar

SARAJEVO, May 12 (FENA) - My message from Kiev was that the European spirit is far more present in Ukraine than in most of the main capitals of Europe itself. My message was also to say that I was there, among the rebels of Maidan in 2014, and that there was more faith in Europe, more hope in Europe, more European ideals among the rebels of Maidan than among the big spoiled children of old Europe. In a way, I come to Sarajevo to say the same thing, said in an interview with FENA renowned French philosopher and writer Bernard-Henry Lévy ahead of his visit to Sarajevo.
Tomorrow, at 9:15 p.m., his play "Looking for Europe" will be staged at the National Theater in Sarajevo. As part of his tour in twenty European cities before the elections for the European Parliament, he chose two cities from non-EU countries: Kiev and Sarajevo. Explaining the kind of message that he wanted to send out to the EU and its citizens from Kiev, he now talks about what kind of message he wants to send from Sarajevo.

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