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FBiH Judges Association - Jukić's statement inappropriate and inconsiderate

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SARAJEVO, May 17 (FENA) - Statement by Ružica Jukić, a member of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH (HJPC) and its Vice-President, in which Jukić stated that she "condemns the actions of the United States Embassy" and that the “US Embassy is interfering in the work of the judiciary in BiH by meeting with  third-rate officials…” constitutes a reckless and inappropriate behavior of a judge, who, as a member of the HJPC, should advocate for the strengthening of the judiciary and its independence, and in an tempt to reach these goals, she should support of all well-intentioned stakeholders for that matter, it is in a nutshell a message of a press release issued by the Presidency of the Association of Judges of the FBiH (USFBiH) in response to a statement by the HJPC Vice-President Ružica Jukić for the N1 TV, which was also reported by other media on the occasion of a recent meeting held in the US Embassy attended by judges Branko Perić and Goran Nezirović, and Prosecutor Tomislav Ljubić.

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