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KCUS tested 48 samples, seven positive, doctors test negative

Press release , Illustration

SARAJEVO, April 2 (FENA) - Forty-eight samples were tested at the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS) overnight, seven of which tested positive for coronavirus.

“Five persons are from Vitez, one from Sarajevo and one from Hadžići,” General Manager of KCUS Sebija Izetbegović stated.

She stated that patients from the Clinic for Gastroenterohepatology at KCUS and two doctors from KCUS, who are negative for coronavirus, were among those tested. There were a total of 41 negative tests.

We recall that patients and doctors testings were performed because one doctor has been infected with Covid-19.

The Clinic for Gastroenterohepatology is in isolation as of yesterday.