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Felix: Mexico and BiH advance in deepen their links during the first 20 years of diplomatic relations

Text: FENA

SARAJEVO, August 15 (FENA) - Mexico has accompanied the different nations of the Western Balkans in the historical process that led them to become independent nations from the former Yugoslavia. Mexico developed a close and friendly relations with Yugoslavia, and consequently with all the republics that were part of it. After its disintegration, Mexico decided to maintaining and extending its ties with the nations which became independent in a new political reality of the Western Balkan region, stated in his text for FENA Ambassador of Mexico for BiH Carlos Felix, on the occasion of 20 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico.  

Mexico and Bosnia Herzegovina established diplomatic relations on August 15, 2001, reminds the Ambassador, based upon the determination of Mexico to deepen the previous links and to advance in a new stage to consolidate our friendship and cooperation. Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina share common values of two countries whose central wealth is their multicultural and multi-ethnic essence. This wealth also entails major challenges to maximize its enormous value. It is imperative to guarantee the participation of all groups and minorities in the democratic political life as well as the social and economic development, giving all of them the same conditions of access, through the design and implementation of inclusive State policies, in the construction of more democratic societies, with full respect for the human rights of all, in peace and harmony.

Mexico celebrates 200 years of independence in 2021. The history of Mexico highlights the complex and difficult problems that our country has overcome all those years in its development and building as an independent nation. We have learned that it is only with the unity and full participation of all the multicultural and multiethnic groups that make up the Mexican nation that we have managed to move forward and overcome any challenge that arises, no matter the magnitude or adverse circumstances we may face. This is an ongoing process in which Mexico continues working every day.

Therefore, Mexico understands the challenges and complexities faced by Bosnia-Herzegovina in the construction of a democratic multicultural country, which seeks harmony and well-being for all its members without exception. In thar regard, Mexico reiterates its readiness to contribute to its capacity for the advancement of this process, as sincere sign of our friendship towards Bosnia-Herzegovina. As non-permanent member of the Security Council of UN 2021-2022, Mexico has assumed a constructive and responsible action to contribute to the world international peace and security. With this conviction, Mexico will make any contribution needed to support actions to promote peaceful and negotiated solutions to the stability of the Balkan region and for the wellbeing of all the national groups.

Relations between Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina are very young. Therefore, there is an enormous potential of opportunities to make progress in building strong foundations that in the coming years will allow us to consolidate our ties for greater understanding and collaboration for the benefit of our societies. To this end, we must make progress in increasing and expanding cultural, student, academic, scientific and sports links and exchanges, for a better understanding of our societies and to prepare our human capital, as the core of our relations of friendship and collaboration.

Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina should boost their economic ties through the design of an agreed policy for greater trade and investment flows, with a specific diagnosis in the sectors of both economies that have more competitiveness and complementarities. Energy, mining, agricultural products, infrastructure development, telecommunication, automotive, and tourism are among the most promissory sectors where we can expand our exchanges and investment. We should take advantage of the benefits that the economy of Mexico, -the 15th in the world and with 126 million inhabitants-, can offer for the economic entities of Bosnia-Herzegovina to be inserted in the world value chains, through the network of free trade agreements that grant access to Mexico to 1.6 billion consumers worldwide: USMCA, CPTPP, TIPAT and the Pacific Alliance.

Mexico can be the platform for the economic diversification of Bosnia-Herzegovina in other regions of the world. Likewise, Mexican companies can extend their operations in the Western Balkan region through the market of Bosnia-Herzegovina. In the complex context of the pandemic COVID-19, Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina have the opportunity to work closer to coordinate actions in multilateral forums, to advance in the adoption of general measures urgently needed to face this serious global threat, by ensuring access to vaccines for all nations and ethnic groups.  In addition, both countries must strengthen their efforts to push forward the content of the 2030 agenda, with emphasis in the global climate change issues. The high political dialogue between our two governments will push forward the aforesaid elements of our bilateral agenda.

We will promote the high-level contact, personal and virtual of our Ministers of Foreign Affairs and other high ranked members of our governments involved in the aforesaid elements of our bilateral agenda to make progress in each of them. The Embassy will look for the appointment of a Honorary Consul of Mexico in Sarajevo, as other important element to boost our links. The balance of the first 20 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Bosnia Herzegovina, based upon the previous links that we develop during the existence of Yugoslavia, motivate us to work closer to built a new era of cooperation to consolidate the friendship that have prevailed between the peoples of Mexico and Bosnia Herzegovina.  Mexico has been and will be a truly friend and reliable partner of Bosnia-Herzegovina and will continue to support its process of consolidation as a strong, democratic and stable multicultural country in the Western Balkans region, said in his text for FENA on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico, Ambassador of that country for BiH, Carlos Felix.