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Meeting of 'Movement for the State' and the Eight: Hurtić candidate for the minister in BiH CoM

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BANJA LUKA, January 11 (FENA) - The "Movement for the State" coalition met today in Banja Luka with representatives of the Eight regarding the future composition of the BiH Council of Ministers and agreed that the "Movement for the State" would join the state government and Sevlid Hurtić will be a candidate for the Minister of Human Rights and Refugees. 

The incumbent Minister of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska, Sevlid Hurtić, from the Green Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was part of the ‘Movement for the State’ in the elections, said that they have decided to join the formation of the state government and to have a minister in the Council of Ministers of BiH.

“We hope the cooperation will be good, that we will work together, especially in the ministry that deals with the people who live here,” said Sevlid Hurtić. 

The meeting was attended by the President of the People and Justice Party (NiP) Elmedin Konaković, Aljoša Čampara (NiP), Nerin Dizdar from the Social Democratic Party (SDP) BiH, as representatives of the Eight, and Sevlid Hurtić, member of the SDP Presidency, Saša Grbić and Mirsad Duratović from the Movement for the State.

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