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Novalić and Girgin send off a team of specialized urban search and rescue units to Turkey (VIDEO)

FENA Aida Kovač, Photo: Almir Razić

SARAJEVO, February 7 (FENA) - The FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić and Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to BiH Sadik Babur Girgin sent off tonight the first team of 25 members of the FBiH Specialized Unit for Urban Search and Rescue with the necessary equipment and two search dogs, who set out from Sarajevo to the areas affected by yesterday's catastrophic earthquakes in the Republic of Turkey.

Yesterday, the FBiH Government held an emergency telephone session and tasked the FBiH  Civil Protection Administration with organizing the urgent dispatch of aid.

The deployment of three teams of a total of 86 rescuers from the Federation of BiH has been organized, it was stated on the Facebook page of the FBiH Government.

Prime Minister Novalić stated this evening that this is the first contingent of specially trained people from the Civil Protection Service which has been sent to threatened areas in Turkey.

Prime Minister Novalić announced that another group with personal equipment, as well as specially trained dogs, will leave for Turkey on Turkish Airlines planes tomorrow morning.

Also, 44 members of the Mountain Rescue Service with complete equipment will leave for Turkey in the morning.

"We are at the disposal to the Turkish side. We do everything in the organization with the Turkish Embassy so that our effect is as high as possible. Today, we have been preparing medical teams all day, which are also equipped with everything necessary for first aid, so that they do not depend on the logistics of the Turkish side, which now has a lot of work on its own," said Novalić.

The intention, as he added, is for BiH teams to be independent and have everything they need and to carry out the tasks assigned to them by AFAD.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sadik Babur Girgin, reminded that yesterday morning, Turkey was hit by the biggest natural disaster in the last 100 years, when the country was hit by an earthquake of very high intensity.

"In our most difficult moments, already in the early hours of the morning yesterday, we had a large number of calls sent to the Embassy, starting from the Prime Minister of the FBiH and his office, and a large number of institutions, organizations and individual calls.

On my own behalf, on behalf of the Embassy of Turkey, on behalf of the Turkish people and the Republic of Turkey, I would like to express my gratitude to all those persons, entities, competent institutions, all competent authorities, including the Prime Minister of the FBiH, all other institutions of BiH who, in these difficult times, whether with calls or by sending written expressions of condolence, expressed solidarity and expressed their willingness to help our people. Thank you very much," Ambassador Girgin said.  


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